Leá K Billingsley
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 Our offices @ the 5th/3rd Bldg. Downtown Nashville corner of 5th & Church St.

Hello, I always want you to have a great travel time, or an awesome vacation.

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Coming soon:

Assisting all of you in your talents which the workforce in America needs. 


I have a new service, which has never been done before, except by me, for free. 


But, beginning January 2015, when, or if you are in need of a job, or new career, contact me to assist in finding the right place for you. 

There will be at least one 25 minute Web or phone session, as to begin your process.

No Social Security information, Driver's license information, banking, or credit report information shall be gained during any consulting session. 

New contact information:

Learenzo@renzode.org, my new website and phone numbers will be published by 15 January 2015

Email me today, to book your time to have a session, set for times after 15 January 2015.

My filing fees:

             $100  for jobs/careers  $14,000 - $21,000 per year *

             $120  for jobs/careers    $21,001 - $28,000 per year *

                $170   for jobs/careers    $28,001 - $35,000 per year *

                 $220  for jobs/careers    $42,000 - $49,000 per year *

* All filing fees will be under contract with Mr. Lea K Billingsley as a representative for you, and then only paid AFTER the FIRST pay check of the new job/career is gained. 

Fields over $49,000 shall be a $300 filing fees, until 30 June 2015